Debt Litigation

Debt Litigation :

Are you are struggling with the pressure of outstanding debts ? Are you being chased by creditors / debt collection agencies and looking for help?

Our expert financial claims team at McDermott Smith Law can assist you with your case from start to finish.

By submitting legal requests all collection and enforcement activity must cease whilst we look to establish whether your creditor can legally comply and enforce the debts against you. The creditors responses will determine what action they can take in the future if any.

Our aim is to help have debts written off in full where possible, negotiate lower settlement figures by highlighting contractual breaches and/or log disputes
based on our findings, limiting enforcement action creditors can take and putting you back in control.

The fee for this service is based upon your affordability and is paid on a monthly basis. For this your designated file handler will be your point of contact and they will deal with all creditor contact and correspondence from the outset up until your case is complete within a 24-month timescale.

All consumer credit is covered under the act, this means we can challenge debts such as

Credit cards
Store cards
Mobile phone contracts
HP agreements
Payday Loans
The plan offers an alternative to the traditional more commonly recognised debt options.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how our service could help you please call us on the number below or fill in the contact page and one of team will call.